. . . . . from the back cover



Recipe for delight and/or transformation: Take 26  poets from around the good, green globe who have in common the simple desire to get their lives right.Choose their best work ~~ poems that are ripe with astonishment and awakening, poems whose meaning hangs abundant and inviting,like on the branches of an apple tree in fall. Give these 104 poems the space and air and artwork they need. Title the collection A Moonlit Teahouse. Nourish the world with it.

Very early on in A Moonlit Teahouse we hear of a “church/ that makes the walls give way,/ all walls, most especially/ the ones in (the) heart.”

This stunning and wildly alive anthology might well be that church. Bravo. Bravo.

~ Lisa Starr


poet laureate of Rhode Island 2007-2012

and the creator of the Block Island Poetry Project